I’ve been asked to paint views from around the Strumble Head and Pwll Deri area. Here’s the blocking of one of them:

pwll deri may wip

This is the  first few days’ work  – mostly blocking. But the cliffs to the left are far too small, and the headland I’m standing on needs to fall away to the right, but it’s a start. Several days on, the cliffs are now as I want them, with the afternoon light catching the grass on the top of the headland, and  more definition of the rock at my feet.

pwll deri May wip 2

It’s called Pwll Deri, Maytime.


Here’s my completed Strumble Head, storm light:strumble, storm light for anna

I’ve managed to lose the early stages of this one. I just love the colour of the heather on the slopes. There should be some gorse, but I’m loath to show it . I’ll wait  for a few days to make up my mind.

I’m just starting to block out Strumble Head, dusk:

strumble head dusk wip

I’ll show you more of this as it develops. This is Strumble head from the other side of the peninsula. I managed to end up working on the light of the sky and the sea a bit too much for an early stage of a painting, but I’ll see how it goes…. I rather like the gentle light on the water…..