…………So when I was approached by the lovely Dai Evans (the director of Picton Castle and Gardens) and Sharon Swift in early July, and  asked if I’d like to do an exhibition there, I immediately said yes. I was very fortunate that the Large Gallery was free for three weeks in August, otherwise I would have had to wait until next year. The team went instantly into action: my lovely husband Alan framed some of my paintings alongside his already heavy workload, and the wonderful Sybil Edwards  immediately contacted Pembrokeshire Life and the papers, and organised press releases for everybody. My friend Cate Thornton of Arts Pembrokeshire organised the  ‘rabble’ (her words) for the private view. I’m very grateful to these three very busy people for doing all of this so I was able to get on with painting for the main event. The last couple of paintings are still slightly tacky, but they are up.


The gallery is massive, and I had great fun filling it – WITH SPACES BETWEEN THE PAINTINGS! Those of you who have visited my gallery in Fishguard will understand how wonderful it was to be able to show my work properly. I really could get used to this…… The Large Gallery used to house the Graham Sutherland collection, and I remember visiting in the 1980s and being bowled over by the work there – I still treasure the postcards I bought of some of the paintings on display there. At that point I was singing roles for English Touring Opera and would never have believed that one day my paintings would be hanging there. It was a very strange feeling when I came to hang the paintings on Friday.

Beth Robinson at Picton Castle 1

Beth Robinson at Picton Castle 5

Beth Robinson at Picton Castle 4

(Gorgeous frames, Alan!)

Beth Robinson at Picton Castle 2

Beth Robinson at Picton Castle 3

The chair isn’t supposed to be a part of it, but I was too tired to move it when I’d finished hanging.

I’m particularly pleased to have painted the following two paintings. I’d had these in my mind for a long time, but I’ve been so busy working on other things I hadn’t had time to get them out of my system.

Ar y foel, Penygroes Beth Robinson

Ar y foel, Penygroes

This one’s a biggie – about a metre squared. And the one below is the corner of the field on my way home. There’s an ancient oak further out in the field, to the right – that’s another project that needs to be done.

the corner of the meadow

The hedgerows have been quite spectacular this year.

We had a lovely opening last night – thanks to Dave of Arts Pembrokeshire for the photos.

Beth Robinson at Picton Castle - opening

Yes, I do know I am laughing like a hyena, but that glass had only held apple juice and water. I think it was the relief of having it all done!

Before this, I managed to complete work on my 2015 Calendar  and I’m delighted with it. I’ve tried to include a variety of my paintings, whilst still being appropriate to the time of year, and it’s a good mix, if I say so myself. I’m just sorting out postage costs, and then I can put them for sale  by mail order.

And talking of calendars, mine has a rival this year. The Paul Sartori Foundation is producing a super calendar featuring paintings by 12 Pembrokeshire artists. The calendar will be sold to raise funds for this very worthwhile charity, and every artist has donated the original painting to be auctioned at the county show in order to raise even more funds, so I’ll give you more details as I receive them. Just call me Miss September…..

This blog is turning very much into a famine then feast situation…I go for months without writing anything, then a few come along all at once.