but luckily with only a little in the way of mists. And because of the marvellous summer, decidedly full of mellow fruitfulness. The trees are laden with berries, unlike my runner bean plants which have not survived a third plague of caterpillars. Meanwhile I’m still working on some of my commissioned paintings which are starting to get into shape. Because of the sudden exhibition in August at Picton Castle and the equally sudden project by Cate Thornton to produce a fund raising calendar for Paul Sartori, I had to produce from scratch several paintings in the middle of everything. Cate wanted a painting of sheep on the mountain for September, so here it is:

Beth Robinson, September

and it can be yours for only a fiver, along with eleven other paintings by Pembrokeshire artists. There’s a facebook page, The Art of Giving, and hopefully you can buy these calendars online before long.

Here’s a link to an article on WalesOnline where you can see many of the other paintings.

During the summer, we decided to rebrand Alan as The Preseli Framer. Because we live on Rhiw Felen, he had called his framing business, ‘Yellowhill Framing’. But as it didn’t have the same connotations for everybody else, it was hard to remember. Already, the deliberate mix up with Framer and Farmer is proving to be more memorable. To further embed the idea, we were thinking of using my sketch of Alan and Molly as some sort of logo or letterhead:

Alan & Molly 1we’ll see!