It is now blooming June and everywhere is gloriously purple with spires of foxgloves in this part of Wales.  I like foxgloves. I like foxgloves a lot, which is why they often appear in my paintings.

Strumble before the rain Beth Robinson

But over the years, I have come to realise that their colour seems to change with the quality of the light, which makes them quite tricky to catch….

If I begin a painting one day when the sky is a little overcast, the foxgloves appear to be a mauve colour: pinky mauve, but mauve nonetheless. Then, if I continue the next day, which happens to be a bright day, the foxgloves appear to have changed colour. They are now a dark magenta pink with a hint of mauve.


It’s a bit like that famous blue/white dress – it’s not just context, the angling of the sun’s rays can change the purple dramatically.


The corner of the meadow Beth Robinson










So yesterday afternoon I took my camera out to look at the various purples in the garden. The centaurea has very slight  overtones of pink near the centre; the chives had no pink tinge, but the photograph has some pink at the centre too:

centaurea photoChives




The rose is a lovely old fashioned dark pink/mauve which becomes a blue pink as it blooms…… the same shade as the foxglove…CIMG3927












But then I look at the foxglove from a different angle:








A stronger pink already.





And if I look at some different ones against the house wallCIMG3951









it’s a shocking pink.

Pinker than the astrantia –CIMG3933



and the cranesbill:



I’m still waiting for the verbena boniarensis to flower – and the buddleia, not to mention the lavender – just as well!

It’s the time of year I really wish I could spend more time in the garden….