I am planning to take a break from running a gallery in the spring, and to devote more time to painting (and gardening). This means that I’ll be able to take my easel and sketchbook and paint some more locations in this beautiful area of ours.
I’ll have more time to take up some off the offers I’ve received to paint and exhibit in other places. I’m also looking forward to seeing more of my lovely husband and walking the dog.

Walking the dog (field) Beth Robinson
As my studio at home is considerably smaller than the gallery, I will have very little storage space (and I am constantly producing new work), so I am having a massive studio clearance here. This will be from the last week of October onwards, and I will be selling many original paintings, framed prints, items of jewellery and so on at greatly reduced prices. If you are interested in any of the paintings on this site, please contact me. I’ll try to keep this website as up to date as possible.


We don’t have a specific cut off date, but I would hope we’ll have moved by Easter. We are hoping to have a studio at our home that people can visit , in time, but we shan’t have time to organise it for next spring, I’m afraid.
Alan, the Preseli Framer will no longer be based at Oriel Glan y Mor in Fishguard, but will still be working in the area. We will be offering a home visit service, so if you contact us to make an appointment, we will bring samples of frames and mounts for you to choose how you would like your item framed in your own home. Then when the finished item is ready, we’ll call you to arrange a time to drop it back to you.Alan & Molly 1

Meanwhile, for the next 6 months or so, business is carrying on as usual  from the Gallery.

I’ll keep everybody posted here and on my Facebook page.
You can find Beth Robinson Art on Facebook, and The Preseli Framer is on Facebook too.