It’s the second of November today, and the day was so warm and sunny, we decided to drive to the Bridge instead of our usual walk through the valley. She said that she needed a break from labelling all her new coasters, however pleased She is with them, and why not have a Proper Outing?

I tend to be sick in the car, but we only went a few miles – to ‘build up my resilience’, or some such rubbish. And I wasn’t sick, which was nice. I strongly suspected that She wanted to get photos and inspiration for paintings, but I was willing to let that ride if I could have the chance of some new smells.

Sure enough, once we had parked the car at the bridge, she started to take photographs. rook

This rook seemed to be balancing on the topmost twig on the tree. This is apparently interesting.


Meanwhile, I found something much more interesting for myself……..

Newport with Carn Ingli

We saw a few other birds. There was a white one standing on one leg, which She seemed very interested in, and there was something on that bit of wood by the water (on the right) which She couldn’t see if She’d photographed because of the glare of the sunshine on her phone.

At this point, She got a bit bossy and insisted we followed the path along the river.

This is actually our river Berian, as it goes past our house and joins the river Nevern  in the field next door before it eventually arrives here after travelling a few miles. Here it is all called the Nevern, or Nanhyfer, as we Welsh dogs call it. It seems much bigger here than at home. I am told that this is where my tennis ball ended up after I rolled it down the bank last week. No sign of it, though……


After following the path a little


we walked past the lime kiln. Great smells here: a veritable nosefest – I can highly recommend this one. Then we left the path after a while to walk along the water’s edge.

I’m a bit wary of water, to be honest. I know, I know, I used to be a working sheepdog, but all I ever encountered then were a few small streams. It took me ages to get used to the river at home, and I certainly wouldn’t countenance getting my paws wet in it. In fact, now that I am an Indoor Dog now, I’m not that partial to rain and mud, and would much prefer that They do their walks on their own in inclement weather….not that I have any say in the matter, of course.


Apparently this is a nice view of Newport, with the mountain behind.



For a while we walked through some woods then took a little path down to the estuary.

great smells









We came out on a nice sandy bit, with tree trunks and lovely Dubious Things to investigate.

As it was very warm -18 degrees – which is Incredible For November!  as all the humans kept repeating, I thought I’d venture into the water for a paddle. She was so astonished that she took a few photographs of me:

posing 1I was very patient, and showed my really good side …


Okay, I didn’t go very far in, but you must understand that this is a massive thing for me


I rather like this next one:

posing 2




Well, I’d spotted something interesting, hadn’t I?

my canoeist4Something in the water


my cannooer

needed investigation.



my canoeist 2


my canoeist

and a ‘hello’ cuddle.


and the water was up to my elbows, nearly!

After some meaningful conversation, my new friend set off towards the sea.

a bientot


By the time we got to the beach, there was no sign of him

no sign




A bientôt, my new friend!


On our way back to the car, we paused to admire the view…..the viewOkay, I exaggerate somewhat – She enjoyed the view, and I had a furtle in the undergrowth.


Nice walk.