This year my husband and I had had some health issues, so we decided to ease back on work and concentrate on the garden after years of neglect due to work pressures. We started well. In fact, I’d intended this particular blog to be about the garden…… We made an excellent start, then I was contacted by Katie at Oriel y Parc, three weeks ago. She told me that the artist who was contracted to exhibit in the St Davids room at the gallery was now unable to do so, and did I have any work that could be hung there?

Well, I did have a few new paintings, but not as many as usual. What I also had were several paintings that I had painted 2 – 3 years ago. Looking at these paintings, I found them incredibly sombre. They’d been painted when I was going through a very stressful time, and they all seemed to reflect this. so galvanised by my work on the garden and the joy it has given me, I reworked these paintings, and now they are much more happy and, I think, much more dynamic. I’m now really pleased with the stories they are telling, and I hope that you like them too.

The exhibition was hung yesterday. Many, many thanks to Oriel y Parc’s Nigel who worked so hard hanging them.

The St Davids room is a multi purpose display room. It is also used for workshops, demonstrations and talks, and can be found on the far left of the main entry hall. Oriel y Parc is open daily from 9.30 am until 5 pm.

Below you can see most of the paintings that are on display.  Now , weather permitting, I’m going to put on my wellies and get back to my gardening.