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Important notice re the  Covid19 corona virus:

We are self isolating as we both are in the vulnerable bracket of the population. As a result I will be unable to go  to the post office to send out any items for some time.  I’m trying to take all the “Buy now ” and “add to cart ” buttons off this website in the next day or so. If I miss any, please don’t buy anything as I won’t be able to send it to you for months. As the Jewellery pages contain so many items, I shall merely remove all links to them for now. If Google should bring them up, please don’t try to buy anything!

Before I had my cards professionally printed I sold handmade and signed cards of my work. Some people still wanted the handmade cards alongside the printed cards so I maintained a stock while I had the gallery.

I’ve just found a huge pile of finished and unfinished handmade cards in my workroom. However, this pile of cards is huge, and space is at  a premium in the workroom, so I thought I’d spend some time finishing them off and offering assorted packs 6 cards here. Instead of charging £21 plus First Class postage, I’m offering 6 cards for £16.00 plus postage at £1.87 in the UK. If you live overseas, please contact me for postage.

Please advise me if you would like more scenery, dogs or birds or if you don’t mind what you receive. Please email me using the address at the top of this page.

There is now no minimum order for cards as I have adjusted the inclusive postage costs. If you buy multiple cards, I will refund any excess postage you have paid. All items that are for sale have an 'add to cart' button on the little window that comes up when you click on the image. Postage: Most prints have a blanket charge of £10.00 each (one or two larger ones have p&p as as stated), which is added on in the shopping cart. Other items include p&p. PLEASE EMAIL ME FOR OVERSEAS POSTAGE COSTS BEFORE BUYING! This site uses a Paypal shopping cart. For details, click the button below:
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