From the comments book in my Pembrokeshire Light  exhibition:


Best thing EVER! (I like that it  brings out the beauty of Pembrickshair)

Aoife (7 ½ ) 

The art is very interesting and makes me want to visit more of Wales


I love the paintings because  they are all like beaches

Harriet  (5)

I want to become an artist for many things when I’m older, so  seeing all these paintings are very inspiring

Bleddyn  (10)

 Lovely interesting pictures that tell a story

Delia and Nerys  (9 years old)

 I like all the paintings but the two I wanted to point out were Sara’s view and Hayfield from the garden because I would ride horses there and run free

Sophie     Age:9  (nearly 10!)

They are so Buteiful! I’m an artest too, even though I’m only 10. My favoret one is Sara’s View and Hayfield from the garden. I’m very inspired. Thank you, Gwen xxxx

Gwen (10)

 I like the one with the fire

Primrose (6)

I love the colour and deep connection with nature. Very inspired to put my boots on!

Edward (28)

 I like The Magic Hour – you really capture the light so wonderfully

David (45)

 I dont lik it

Mason and Ryan

(but Mummy and Daddy do!)

Especially loved the spectacular views and the antique blend with modernity. The paintings were so beautiful; profound and applicable – The ambiance!

Jesica (22)

 So evocative! Can I live here please?


 Love your colour palette and loose style. Captures the Pembrokeshire atmosphere perfectly!




It was lovely to read comments also from old friends and customers too!

Beth Robinson art

Carn Ingli with daffodils

Beth Robinson art

Sunlight on the water

Beth Robinson art

Buddy Collie

Beth Robinson art

North Pembrokeshire coast 2018

Beth Robinson art

Reservoir 1

Beth Robinson art

Winter light 2

Beth Robinson art

winter walk along the estuary

Beth Robinson art

glimmer of light

from the north

from the north

the magic hour

the magic hour

Richard hare

Richard hare

Pembrokeshire light 14

Pembrokeshire light 14

Pembrokeshire light 5