semi precious stones

Each piece of jewellery in this section is made with semi precious stones. All the necklaces and bracelets are one-offs because each particular set of stones is different and variable. Earrings made from some of the irregular stones are also unique, though it is sometimes possible to replicate some of the earrings made with  more uniformly formed beads. Stones such as amethysts, quartz, labradorite, ruby zoisite and turquoise have been used as well as other interesting finds.


November and December reductions of 20 – 30 % on all semi precious jewellery

All the jewellery is handmade by me. Most of the pieces are individual one offs except for one or two types of earrings.

All earring hooks are sterling silver unless stated otherwise. Many of the spacers, chains and clasps are also made of this precious metal.

As with all jewellery, don’t immerse in water and keep clear of perfumes and make up.

To clean the sterling silver and the PMC (precious metal clay silver) in your jewellery, rub gently with a proprietary silver cleaning cloth.

(PMC is made of tiny particles of silver in a clay binding. It can be shaped and moulded, then it is heated to burn away the clay, and what is left is a pure grade solid silver.)